Monday, March 23, 2009

Book Review: The Relationship Seasons, by Matthew O. Richardson

The Relationship Seasons: Navigating the 5 Stages of Relationships by Matthew O. Richardson. Published in 2008 by Leatherwood Press (Sandy, UT). ISBN: 978-1-59992-017-7. $16.95, 192 pages.

The Relationship Seasons is an instructive, doctrinal-based guide to romantic relationships. The back cover identifies Richardson’s audience as those seeking romantic relationships, involved in romantic relationships, “or trying to guide [their] children through the dating years.” Although Richardson’s instruction is sound, helpful, and encouraging, his audience is a little mixed. His first few chapters seem to be only for parents while the rest of the book is better instruction for young people. It takes a bit of navigating to find the right places in the book that apply to you, but then Richardson’s ideas are very helpful. This confusing of audiences makes you wish Richardson had written two books—one for parents and one for young people—rather than trying to tackle both audiences in The Relationship Seasons. As it is, each audience will just have to point themselves to the applicable part of the book for themselves, after which they will surely find great counsel and instruction.